Sunday, September 12, 2010

HAPPY FRIDAY: Special Edition

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Hooray! It's the end of the workweek for most of us. Moreover, the Network has a lot to tell you. Read on! Pass this email on to others in our Family.

What’s Inside: .

1. The Network shares news from the Keitt, Huggins family.

2. The IMPORTANCE of The Network, Network Participants, Your Opin

ions, Our FUTURE!!!

3. Check in & DON’T forget the DOC! Dr. Rick Wright of Power 106.9

4. You are invited to the Network’s 5th Anniversary Networking Party

5. FSU Advisor – Ben Green ’85 : His sentiments

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N E T W O R K * N E W S

Words from the heart of the Keitt, Huggins Family:

With deep sorrow, the Huggins and Keitt family is sad to announce the sudden passing of Kevin Lee Keitt on Thursday, September 9, 2010 at the age of 56. He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends. Funeral Services will be forwarded as soon as they are available. If you should have any questions please contact his sister Tavia Huggins at

Thank you...Tavia

1 | P a g e … The Network Lives…PARTICIPATE NOW!

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Network Participants, Your Opinions Are Necessary for the Network to Continue!!

NSBL Network Announcement

During the next 12 months, the Network will be conducting some important polls. These questions will help us chart our direction for the future and lead us into our activities for CBT X. Help us help you. Part of our important work will be 1. a search for a new name; adopting an appropriate business model; recognizing above average Network Participation. Your next best move is to sign up in our Virtual Office. Whether you are on FB, MySpace, Friendster, etc., the Network's Virtual Office is a hub for Networking with the SU Family. The Signup URL: Go Orange! Some people think SU was a party school; we want to be known as the premier networking school. When you sign up, we need your cell and your non-business email address. Please include year graduated and major.

We were less than 30 in 2005. Now, we are at 600. By CBT X, we want to show up and network with well over 1,000 signed up network participants. Between FSU, LANSU, the SU Posse, and the SUBLACKBOOK, we current enjoy the ability to instantly reach over 4,000 SU Family members affiliated with the Network. In addition, we have a little over one hundred FraserNet PowerNetwork Friends, who keep in touch with our Network by receiving Happy Friday.

Further, our SU Family activities are broadcast weekly in Central New York and worldwide through the Internet via WPHR-FM aka Power 106.9 ( on Dr. Rick Wright's six-hour Sunday radio show. Our Network Participants, affiliates, and FraserNet Friends are invited to listen-in and call-in to Dr. Wright’s Old School format radio show to share information with his listeners and the Network. We record all six hours of Dr. Wright’s show, and playback segments with our Network Participants.

We need to make some developmental changes prior to CBT X. If you want to be a part of that process, please sign-up with the Network.

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Check In & Don't Forget The Doc! Dr. Rick Wright of Power 106.9 FM – 1:00-7:00p Sundays

Don’t Let 2010 Go By Without Checking In…Request Line: 315.428.1069 / E-Mail:

Now more than ever we ask YOU to call in to the Doc! This Sunday Sept. 12, 2010 show how you can Network and share your heart, soul, and voice by Participating with The Network. We want to hear you…The Network can ot move forward without your PARTICIPATION! . . . WWLD? (What would Lee Do?)

. .

You are invited to The Network's 5th Anniversary Networking Party!!

September 17 @5:30pm - 4:00am - Location: Katra's Lounge (NYC)
217 Bowery Street Between Rivington and Prince Sts. New York, NY

RSVP @ Network's 5th Anniversary Party-RSVP

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HappyFriday News Brief 2010-09-12 4 | P a g e

Kevin Lee Keitt: My sentiments… Ben Green ’85 co-founder of The Network

When it comes to a computer, the hard drive is the heart & soul of its function. The software compliments the hard drive and they work together to produce any and all creative projects. The users who turn on the computer and manage the software, the files, and the hard drives, are the intricate connections that help make creative projects real, historic, and forever changing.

Kevin Lee Keitt was (and still is) one hell of a hard drive. He was driven like no one else I’ve ever known. Even when he was unplugged the energy held on, generated, and patiently waited for him to boot up again…and that was just his mental state. Like a genius at play Lee had ideas running through his mind, many of which that have not come to fruition and others that still live today. Lee was beyond being innovative. LAZY was NOT a word, or action permitted within his creative source. If Lee had an idea about getting something creative done and no one around him was doing it….Lee wondered why? And asked why not? He proceeded to get it done by all means necessary.

I was Lee’s software. Lee was my hard drive. Together we pushed each other’s imagination to bring forth a simple answer to a very simple question…Why not?... And Because! During the Syracuse University Black and Latino alumni reunion (Coming Back Together-CBT 8) in 2005, Lee and I met and shared how we really enjoyed that networking between, alumni, students, and faculty. We continued to talk about duplicating the excitement, the energy, and access to alumni through networking. One week later Lee had answered both of our questions…Why isn’t the CBT experience continued outside of the Syracuse campus (why not?)?..Because?...No one wanted to devote their time and expertise to a potential rich resource.

Lee’s sudden passing has ripped a hole through my fabric of reality. In computer terms, I have lost some of my top software and damaged my hardware. Now my computer turns on but I must try to retrieve some of my sacred files, primary software, and create the great mosaic that took 5 years to build.

The reality is…physically Lee has moved on but spiritually, mentally, and holistically he has touched all of us and now we are truly, THE NETWORK.

Show your respects, CELEBRATE a life, and share your stories. This Sunday September 12, 2010 The Network asks that YOU call (315) 428-1069 and check in with The Doc! On Power 106.9 FM with your host Dr. Rick Wright 1pm -7pm.

On Friday September 17, 2010 The Network invites you to celebrate its 5th Anniversary. It is a Networking Party celebrating the life of Lee Keitt, and the Ongoing Movement of The Network.

5:30pm - 4:00am - Location: Katra's Lounge (NYC)
217 Bowery Street Between Rivington and Prince Sts. New York, NY

I am dedicating my Internet Radio show to Lee Keitt and The Network. Call the Funkline @ 973-757-0048 (starting Monday 9/13/10) and leave your :30 sec. Sentiment, or your Request and dedicate it to Lee & The Network. Then listen on Tuesday September 24, 2010 11am - 1pm to The Funk Show 5.1: 21st Century Funk and hear your sentiments, requests, celebration! []

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The B.I.G. Cash Money Virtual Field Trip (VFT)

(A financial educational trip to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, London and Japan w/o needing a passport!)

If anything this project has taught me patience and proper planning to produce a pretty poignant yet productive project about money around the word which is perfectly popular in many places primitively. My goal is to introduce the Early Childhood (K-2) grade level (specifically 1st grade) to money from around the world. Instead of preaching the financial dedication of money to children I chose to have them participate in a virtual field where they can visualize, actualize, and realize that money is real in and outside of the U.S.

My primary goal was to allow students to respectfully think about other countries near and far and see how similar and different their money is to U.S. money. This VFT would follow a review of American currency with hopes of students becoming comfortable with the basics of coins and large bills. By traveling outside of their norm and learning something useful about another country the student will be able to achieve , "A reasonable goal: Respect for others," H.Gardner (2008)5 Minds for the future (p.106). The global trip fulfills the Social Studies content as well as Math and Literacy. If you can read, comprehend, count and understand the relationship of people and money then you are ready to grow as an individual.

Developing one's Respectful mind while traveling and being engaged in a financial lesson with eventually put them in touch with their Ethics and of course the development of their Ethical minds. A trip to Canada and Mexico brings to mind The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). For a child this may seem foreign but a simple act of trading items and relating it to money will and can produce thoughts of what's right and what's wrong when it comes to trading and buying items from other lands. Taught in a simplistic manner, any child can understand responsible acts, ethics and respect.

The photo's of the currency allows the student to compare U.S. currency with other countries. The Writing prompt allows students to share what they learned with an ending video to review.



H.Gardner (2008) "5 Minds for the future"


NAFINA: (2010)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Developing my B.I.G. Five Minds

As I continue to develop my five minds I realize that it helps to research and lean on others for support and information that will get you to your goal of success. In my search for a blog that relates to my current career as a teacher in the inner city and/or urban community, I chose Afterschool Flash – NJSACC: The Network for New Jersey's Afterschool Communities. I am working in the Newark School District in Newark, NJ. Newark has a series of problems within its communities and unfortunately the students are the daily victims of "the lack of" syndrome. Half of our students come from dysfunctional homes. Some of the students are being raised by a grandparent, aunt or uncle. I currently have 14 students in my classroom and at least 6 of them have learning challenges.

The key here is that our students need help outside of the regular school day. The NJSACC (New Jersey School-Age Care Coalition) is a network for NJ's Afterschool Communities. "The NJ's Afterschool Network is a three year initiative to build lasting public support for quality afterschool programs across New Jersey. Led by a public-private partnership, the network builds public awareness and support; offers guidance for parents, providers and advocates; strengthens relationships with policymakers, funders, practitioners and parents, and shares best practices in the field".

This program and its blog spoke to me and my potential to work with them to help my students, my parents, and the community. With the current cuts that has hit our state, the afterschool programs are an answer to prevent students from hanging in the streets and keep them in the classroom. I want my students to succeed but they are not going to reach that plateau of success alone. With the help of the NJSACC there will be and can be programs available. With my grad school classroom education I know that I can help develop the five minds of my students and their parents. My mind has been opened to other exciting ways of teaching and implementing lessons. With the knowledge I am currently acquiring I know that I can make a difference in the life of many students. Preparing students for a 21st century life is a must or else they will fall to the waste sides like some of the parents. I want to get my students off of the road of death and put them in the circle of life.


Afterschool Flash – NJSACC (2010)



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A World of success from my classroom…a reflection of “How to create a world of success without leaving your classroom.-Julene Reed.”


Ms. Reed gives a clear and dangerous picture of tomorrow's classroom. When I say tomorrow's classroom I am speaking of the future of all elementary and higher grade level school classrooms. While some schools are experiencing dropout rates, others are revitalizing education within the classroom by appealing to the tools that will give students survival techniques for the 21st century. Teaching is experiencing an upgrade (Teacher 2.0) by adjusting to the needs of a digital world and creative minds. The creative minds are being built within the classic classrooms with the use of technology and teachers who care. In the same way, the students of tomorrow are learning how to build their respectful minds with such tools as cell phones, computers, camera's and i-Pods. With this new experience students begin to mold and comprehend their ethical minds.

Through education a child can learn to become respectful of his or her environment and make ethical decisions. One tool that is a rich resource for students, parents, and teachers is read, write, (rwt). This is a resource for teachers, students, and parents. A teacher can receive lesson plans and information about Earth Day for K-12 grade levels. A student can create Earth Day posters, projects, and share it with his classmates, as well as students internationally. If language is a barrier a student can learn about a culture and its language to produce a tighter form of communication.

The availability of resources at (rwt), builds character and respect within the individual because they are increasing their knowledge and using it. When a child is able to reach out to other students across the nation and/or across the continent their respectful minds are at work and ethically in charge willing to share and assist cultures other than their own. (rwt) enables both ethical and respectful minds by using interactive tools that are up to date and always changing with the needs of educators.


Julene Reed :

Read,Write,Think ~




Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Glogging experience

My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Since my week has been very crammed and busy my Glogging experience has not been well. In fact, I am still having Video problems. I am completely exhausted and will have to continue tomorrow. My aim was to provide my class with a Math center that would help them with Shapes, Patterns, and Fractions. I found some great resources and added their links to the glog.
The Glog is a tool that can and will foster the creative mind due to the endless fun of making a glog. Ad the joy of education and students minds are ready for the next best thing. As I continue to learn Glogster I will perfect my creative ability.

At this point I can share how Gloster enables the creator to think out the framework (outline) and produce a great product. The design is the small part of creating, it's the plugging in of the other media resources that pulls this project. I think of glogster as the meeting place of the digital tools and the dressing up of the creative minds that put them there.


TV Ontario. (1994). Match All Around! [Video Segment]. Available from
Teacher's Video. (2004). Dr. Rock's Math Adventures:Fractions [FullVideo]. Available from

Kids On Line Resources -

PHOTOS- Benjamin Green (1963) B.I. Green
Room 103. (2009) B. I. Green

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NING: Social Networking for the very young and mature!!!

Though there are many other Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Tagged, adds a personal touch. " is the social platform for the world's interest and passion online". The best thing about is that it can be used within an educational community.
Students can create a network amongst their own grade levels, student organizations, or school as a unit. This application is not limited to the classroom. An entire school can set-up a virtual classroom and share their knowledge with classrooms across the nation or internationally. allows the facilitators to privatized their network. This illiminates the problem of unwanted visitors. Parents, teachers, and administrators, can use this site with ease and it enables the creative mind by allowing participants to create, music playlists, video showcases, and share documents. With the creative mind at work a student can adapt to the changing digital world with Ning.

My Name is Ben Green,...and Education is "Where I've BEN!"

"Content Creators – Future Digital Demanders! "

My 1st grade students are truly the “Future Digital Demanders (FDD)” of creativity. At their stage in life and within their home and community the digital world is divided. While in school 100% of my students are active digitally. In the morning my students log on to - to receive the updated weather temperature. They transfer that data to the daily weather graph(hard copy) which indicates how many sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, partly cloudy and windy days we have had in a month. Later that data from the graph is transferred to a digital graph where the colorful bars show how the weather has changed during the month."

My Name is Ben Green,...and Education is "Where I've BEN!"



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

EDIM 514 Internet Tools for Teaching: Creative Tools

My Name is Ben Green,...and EDM508 is "Where I've BEN!"

A great Digital resource that has been an asset to my classroom is the site This is a digital resource that takes the concept of spelling to new heights. With gone are the tedious days of creating spelling bees that appear to be interesting or the old standard of repetition. Here is a user friendly tool that allows teachers and students to have fun work letters and words. With access to “over 42,000 spelling words and customizable sentences,” along with games that you can play online or printout students can increase their creative senses in a matter of minutes. A daily digest of can help the worst speller to become a moderate to good spelling champ in a matter of weeks.

If a student has not fostered the creativity within them then can and will bring a spark to the minds and hearts of the classroom. It is designed for the developing creative mind, “…creativity is the occasional emergent from the interaction of three autonomous elements: The individual,The cultural domain, and The social field”. (Gardner, H. (2008) Five Minds of the Future).p.80-81

The honor of having options only increases a student’s creative soul. Students from Early Childhood to Eighth grade can choose to the option of, “Test Me, Teach Me or Play a Game”. The testing of one’s mind helps to harness a disciplined mind and a synthesized mind. offers teachers the tools needed to jolt creativity within Teachers and students.

Citations: Gardner, H. (2008) Five Minds of the Future).p.80-81, (2010) -

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Name is Ben Green,...and Teaching is "Where I've BEN!"

One of the activities that I have been doing with my students every week is Math Messages that are based from Exemplars. This activity incorporates the dynamics of Math and Literacy to solve a word problem. Before my students can solve the equation they must read the word problem and from there decipher what numbers they need to use and what type of procedure (i.e. addition, subtraction, division) will give them the answer.

Math Exemplars are a great way to introduce division, and multiplication without giving them their formal name. The key to keeping my students interested, and to help them challenge themselves I revise the Exemplar to resemble something they are familiar with. Instead of generalizing the data, I tweak it to include, their names, their neighborhood, and items they use on a regular basis.

Once my students have worked out the problem on paper, they prepare to present their answer digitally with the help of Kidspiration. In Kidspiration students have to create the icons for the Exemplar, label everything, and finalize it with a number problem. The act of Kidspiration helps the students with their Technology, Math, Literacy and Art.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EDIM 508 - Digital Media

My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

The use of Digital Media in the classroom is an additional asset to your lesson plans. Bringing another view to the typical lesson and presenting it with pizzazz can influence your students and encourage them to learn more effectively. In my classroom I teach 1st graders, Science, Health, Social Studies, Math and Literacy. My district puts an emphasis on Math and Literacy. Literacy is one of the top subjects where my students fail to succeed. Their writing skills can use a major overhaul specifically with their use of punctuation.

To capture the interest of my students with using Punctuation I decided to present the animated Video, The Punctuator Changes a Little Wendy Tale: Dripping Ice Cream. Following the viewing of the video and a lesson on using Punctuations, the student will be able to construct 3 to 4 sentences by using the examples displayed in the Punctuator Video and lesson. My goals for teaching this lesson is to improve the knowledge of my students when using punctuations, prepare them for literacy testing in 2nd and 3rd grade, improve their reading and comprehension skills, as well as getting them to write better sentences for their grade level.

The Punctuator video can be used as an additional tool for my guided reading groups. As they are learning to read they will increase their literacy skills. There is always time for play and before I end my lesson I would thrown on a cape and become “Mr. Punctuator” by playing the video and having the students create their own sentences by using punctuations. To assist everyone in the class, I would make every student a Punctuation Detective and we would watch the video from a DVD so that we could stop review and each and every sentence and its correct punctuation use. When I want to review the topic of punctuations I can run the video and afterwards have my students create an additional story featuring Little Wendy. Another way to engage my students is to have them watch the video and then have a set of students test each other on what they learned and how they can use the punctuations in their everyday writing.

Through these lessons and exercises my students should become proficient in the use of Punctuations by the time they have finished 1st grade.

The Punctuator Changes a Little Wendy Tale: Dripping Ice Cream Video referenced from -

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Welcome to the New Season of "Where I've BEN!".... Family is important. Starting one is a major responsibility. I was fortunate to have God in my life and it was he who put my wife into my life. Just when I almost lost my life, I was reborn. I didn't see it coming but Marriage changed my life. Who would be the one woman to capture my heart??? How did she change the course of my life? Amongst the nay-sayers...Why did she say YES!

Only God knows...I'm still learning...

My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!" DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THE NEW SEASON OF WHERE I'VE BEN TONITE@ 9:00PM! GO TO to subscribe or subscribe via FACEBOOK!!