Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EDIM 508 - Digital Media

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The use of Digital Media in the classroom is an additional asset to your lesson plans. Bringing another view to the typical lesson and presenting it with pizzazz can influence your students and encourage them to learn more effectively. In my classroom I teach 1st graders, Science, Health, Social Studies, Math and Literacy. My district puts an emphasis on Math and Literacy. Literacy is one of the top subjects where my students fail to succeed. Their writing skills can use a major overhaul specifically with their use of punctuation.


To capture the interest of my students with using Punctuation I decided to present the animated Video, The Punctuator Changes a Little Wendy Tale: Dripping Ice Cream. Following the viewing of the video and a lesson on using Punctuations, the student will be able to construct 3 to 4 sentences by using the examples displayed in the Punctuator Video and lesson. My goals for teaching this lesson is to improve the knowledge of my students when using punctuations, prepare them for literacy testing in 2nd and 3rd grade, improve their reading and comprehension skills, as well as getting them to write better sentences for their grade level.

The Punctuator video can be used as an additional tool for my guided reading groups. As they are learning to read they will increase their literacy skills. There is always time for play and before I end my lesson I would thrown on a cape and become “Mr. Punctuator” by playing the video and having the students create their own sentences by using punctuations. To assist everyone in the class, I would make every student a Punctuation Detective and we would watch the video from a DVD so that we could stop review and each and every sentence and its correct punctuation use. When I want to review the topic of punctuations I can run the video and afterwards have my students create an additional story featuring Little Wendy. Another way to engage my students is to have them watch the video and then have a set of students test each other on what they learned and how they can use the punctuations in their everyday writing.

Through these lessons and exercises my students should become proficient in the use of Punctuations by the time they have finished 1st grade.

The Punctuator Changes a Little Wendy Tale: Dripping Ice Cream Video referenced from - DiscoveryEducation.com

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Lance R said...

Thanks, Ben. I enjoyed the post and your different approaches to using the video segment.