Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Name is Ben Green,...and Teaching is "Where I've BEN!"

One of the activities that I have been doing with my students every week is Math Messages that are based from Exemplars. This activity incorporates the dynamics of Math and Literacy to solve a word problem. Before my students can solve the equation they must read the word problem and from there decipher what numbers they need to use and what type of procedure (i.e. addition, subtraction, division) will give them the answer.

Math Exemplars are a great way to introduce division, and multiplication without giving them their formal name. The key to keeping my students interested, and to help them challenge themselves I revise the Exemplar to resemble something they are familiar with. Instead of generalizing the data, I tweak it to include, their names, their neighborhood, and items they use on a regular basis.

Once my students have worked out the problem on paper, they prepare to present their answer digitally with the help of Kidspiration. In Kidspiration students have to create the icons for the Exemplar, label everything, and finalize it with a number problem. The act of Kidspiration helps the students with their Technology, Math, Literacy and Art.

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