Monday, April 26, 2010

Developing my B.I.G. Five Minds

As I continue to develop my five minds I realize that it helps to research and lean on others for support and information that will get you to your goal of success. In my search for a blog that relates to my current career as a teacher in the inner city and/or urban community, I chose Afterschool Flash – NJSACC: The Network for New Jersey's Afterschool Communities. I am working in the Newark School District in Newark, NJ. Newark has a series of problems within its communities and unfortunately the students are the daily victims of "the lack of" syndrome. Half of our students come from dysfunctional homes. Some of the students are being raised by a grandparent, aunt or uncle. I currently have 14 students in my classroom and at least 6 of them have learning challenges.

The key here is that our students need help outside of the regular school day. The NJSACC (New Jersey School-Age Care Coalition) is a network for NJ's Afterschool Communities. "The NJ's Afterschool Network is a three year initiative to build lasting public support for quality afterschool programs across New Jersey. Led by a public-private partnership, the network builds public awareness and support; offers guidance for parents, providers and advocates; strengthens relationships with policymakers, funders, practitioners and parents, and shares best practices in the field".

This program and its blog spoke to me and my potential to work with them to help my students, my parents, and the community. With the current cuts that has hit our state, the afterschool programs are an answer to prevent students from hanging in the streets and keep them in the classroom. I want my students to succeed but they are not going to reach that plateau of success alone. With the help of the NJSACC there will be and can be programs available. With my grad school classroom education I know that I can help develop the five minds of my students and their parents. My mind has been opened to other exciting ways of teaching and implementing lessons. With the knowledge I am currently acquiring I know that I can make a difference in the life of many students. Preparing students for a 21st century life is a must or else they will fall to the waste sides like some of the parents. I want to get my students off of the road of death and put them in the circle of life.


Afterschool Flash – NJSACC (2010)



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