Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A World of success from my classroom…a reflection of “How to create a world of success without leaving your classroom.-Julene Reed.”


Ms. Reed gives a clear and dangerous picture of tomorrow's classroom. When I say tomorrow's classroom I am speaking of the future of all elementary and higher grade level school classrooms. While some schools are experiencing dropout rates, others are revitalizing education within the classroom by appealing to the tools that will give students survival techniques for the 21st century. Teaching is experiencing an upgrade (Teacher 2.0) by adjusting to the needs of a digital world and creative minds. The creative minds are being built within the classic classrooms with the use of technology and teachers who care. In the same way, the students of tomorrow are learning how to build their respectful minds with such tools as cell phones, computers, camera's and i-Pods. With this new experience students begin to mold and comprehend their ethical minds.

Through education a child can learn to become respectful of his or her environment and make ethical decisions. One tool that is a rich resource for students, parents, and teachers is read, write, think.org (rwt). This is a resource for teachers, students, and parents. A teacher can receive lesson plans and information about Earth Day for K-12 grade levels. A student can create Earth Day posters, projects, and share it with his classmates, as well as students internationally. If language is a barrier a student can learn about a culture and its language to produce a tighter form of communication.

The availability of resources at (rwt), builds character and respect within the individual because they are increasing their knowledge and using it. When a child is able to reach out to other students across the nation and/or across the continent their respectful minds are at work and ethically in charge willing to share and assist cultures other than their own. (rwt) enables both ethical and respectful minds by using interactive tools that are up to date and always changing with the needs of educators.


Julene Reed :http://www.edtechmag.com/k12/events/updates/global-collaboration-and-learning-2.html

Read,Write,Think ~http://www.readwritethink.org/




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Lance R said...

I really like the flow of this post - from message to implementation to a practical and powerful tool to use.