Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The B.I.G. Cash Money Virtual Field Trip (VFT)

(A financial educational trip to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, London and Japan w/o needing a passport!)

If anything this project has taught me patience and proper planning to produce a pretty poignant yet productive project about money around the word which is perfectly popular in many places primitively. My goal is to introduce the Early Childhood (K-2) grade level (specifically 1st grade) to money from around the world. Instead of preaching the financial dedication of money to children I chose to have them participate in a virtual field where they can visualize, actualize, and realize that money is real in and outside of the U.S.

My primary goal was to allow students to respectfully think about other countries near and far and see how similar and different their money is to U.S. money. This VFT would follow a review of American currency with hopes of students becoming comfortable with the basics of coins and large bills. By traveling outside of their norm and learning something useful about another country the student will be able to achieve , "A reasonable goal: Respect for others," H.Gardner (2008)5 Minds for the future (p.106). The global trip fulfills the Social Studies content as well as Math and Literacy. If you can read, comprehend, count and understand the relationship of people and money then you are ready to grow as an individual.

Developing one's Respectful mind while traveling and being engaged in a financial lesson with eventually put them in touch with their Ethics and of course the development of their Ethical minds. A trip to Canada and Mexico brings to mind The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). For a child this may seem foreign but a simple act of trading items and relating it to money will and can produce thoughts of what's right and what's wrong when it comes to trading and buying items from other lands. Taught in a simplistic manner, any child can understand responsible acts, ethics and respect.

The photo's of the currency allows the student to compare U.S. currency with other countries. The Writing prompt allows students to share what they learned with an ending video to review.



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NAFINA: (2010)

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