Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Glogging experience

My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Since my week has been very crammed and busy my Glogging experience has not been well. In fact, I am still having Video problems. I am completely exhausted and will have to continue tomorrow. My aim was to provide my class with a Math center that would help them with Shapes, Patterns, and Fractions. I found some great resources and added their links to the glog.
The Glog is a tool that can and will foster the creative mind due to the endless fun of making a glog. Ad the joy of education and students minds are ready for the next best thing. As I continue to learn Glogster I will perfect my creative ability.

At this point I can share how Gloster enables the creator to think out the framework (outline) and produce a great product. The design is the small part of creating, it's the plugging in of the other media resources that pulls this project. I think of glogster as the meeting place of the digital tools and the dressing up of the creative minds that put them there.


TV Ontario. (1994). Match All Around! [Video Segment]. Available from
Teacher's Video. (2004). Dr. Rock's Math Adventures:Fractions [FullVideo]. Available from

Kids On Line Resources -

PHOTOS- Benjamin Green (1963) B.I. Green
Room 103. (2009) B. I. Green

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NING: Social Networking for the very young and mature!!!

Though there are many other Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Tagged, adds a personal touch. " is the social platform for the world's interest and passion online". The best thing about is that it can be used within an educational community.
Students can create a network amongst their own grade levels, student organizations, or school as a unit. This application is not limited to the classroom. An entire school can set-up a virtual classroom and share their knowledge with classrooms across the nation or internationally. allows the facilitators to privatized their network. This illiminates the problem of unwanted visitors. Parents, teachers, and administrators, can use this site with ease and it enables the creative mind by allowing participants to create, music playlists, video showcases, and share documents. With the creative mind at work a student can adapt to the changing digital world with Ning.

My Name is Ben Green,...and Education is "Where I've BEN!"

"Content Creators – Future Digital Demanders! "

My 1st grade students are truly the “Future Digital Demanders (FDD)” of creativity. At their stage in life and within their home and community the digital world is divided. While in school 100% of my students are active digitally. In the morning my students log on to - to receive the updated weather temperature. They transfer that data to the daily weather graph(hard copy) which indicates how many sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, partly cloudy and windy days we have had in a month. Later that data from the graph is transferred to a digital graph where the colorful bars show how the weather has changed during the month."

My Name is Ben Green,...and Education is "Where I've BEN!"