Monday, February 28, 2011

Meeting the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S)

When students use Web 2.0 tools for school projects they must follow a technology standard to verify that they understand the 21st century skills needed to survive within their lifetime. I am going to share with you how student use of communication, collaboration, and publishing Web 2.0 applications can help students to meet the NETS-S.

Creativity and Innovation is the first standard where students should be able to illustrate and communicate unique ideas with Web 2.0 tools. By using this standard students are on the right track. If a student invents a board game and eventually makes that same game digital and accessible to other players, creativity and innovation meets the NETS-S.
When students research the manys to save our planet and decide to go green by limiting their Ecological footprint, their actions help to meet the NET-S. In many ways students are meeting the NET-S with baby steps when they begin projects in school. If it's a class that meets 1x a week then everytime they research, make decisions, print, text, or share online then they are within the NET-S.

The NET-S is designed to foster critical thinking. This is demonstrated when students learn about shapes and then critically think about the various kinds of shapes they want and create. When the shapes manifest into a digital poster in KidSpiration, they are helping themselves to meet the NET-S standard.

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Bill Dolton said...

Ben, I'm wondering if you meant Webspiration instead of Kidspiration since the former is a Web 2.0 tool and the latter is a commercial application that must be installed on a hard drive. What other Web 2.0 tools for collaboration or communication might help students achieve the NETS•S standards?