Monday, May 2, 2011

The 7th Inning Finale! Conquering IBL!

Ladies and gentlemen, and readers of this blog, I have reached the 7th and final week of my EDIM-513 Inquiry Based Learning grad course. This last week has been very beneficial. This week I learned the definition and have been shown clear examples of Formative ( gathers feedback that can be used by the instructor and the students to guide improvements in the ongoing teaching and learning context. ) and Summative (measures the level of success or proficiency that has been obtained at the end of an instructional unit, by comparing it against some standard or benchmark. )assessment. The funny thing is that I was using Formative and Summative assessments without knowing that there were different types of assessments. Another good and long lasting lesson I learned was that technology can be used to perform an assessment but it may not be the best thing to do in all situations.

My final list of questions include:

a) How credible are Summative assessments in the long run?

b) Since Formative and Summative assessments need each other to give a more accurate assessment, which do you rely more heavily on? Or do you?

c) Would the Moodle assignments be Formative or Summative (I feel more Formative)?

It’s been an Inquiriously Based Learning experience and I have to allow this class to soak into my brain so that I can teach the next level of 21st century students!

My Name is Ben Green,...and Inquiry Based Learning is "Where I've BEN!"

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