Monday, April 25, 2011

Here I am at the end of week (6) of my Inquiry Based Learning (IBL)class and this week was a challenge for me. April 18th – 24th should have been a week off from school since my district had Spring break for Easter. Due to my Substitute status, I chose to work in my previous profession (Radio Broadcasting). I wasn’t on the air but working with a computer, Salespersons, Announcers, and the Program Director.
The stress from that P/T job forced me to focus on my lessons late in the evening and into the early morning.

With that in mind this week I had to think on a low impact process.  Reviewing and understanding the 5E instructional model (The 5E Instructional Model allows teachers to apply a lesson model that supports backward design and inquiry skills, embed 21stcentury skills and technology, and use formative assessment to monitor and adjust teaching.) was the right thing to learn in the state of my stressed situation. I basically used this model to learn the 5E Model. Once I had a grasp on that, the shock of interpreting and using the BSCS 5E (Biological Science Curriculum Study) Instructional Model gave me a mild headache. I kind of and sort of knew what it was all about but to present a way of how I would use it is what gave me the migraine…(smile).

The Template SCARED me to death but once I began using it and viewing my classmates versions, I just shut down and thought of myself as a student (wanting to learn) and then as a teacher (wanting to teach what I’ve learned). I had to step back and see what I wrote. I became so involved that I scrapped my first complete model and re-wrote it. This satisfied the intellectual part of me, and also the crazy creative side of me. Creativity won!

 My inquiry questions that clog my educational brain are:

While taking on the 5E- Instructional Model, can this begin and end within a 50 min. lesson plan? An entire day? Or a Subject or Unit?

Since engagement is the ongoing process, how long do you spend on one of the E’s before you feel that the majority or at least all of the students are ready to move on? How will I know who is  and who isn’t ready to explore, explain, elaborate?

The 5E CFG Template is intimidating upon approach, what is the best way to work on the 5E CFG so that it makes sense to the educator who has to use it for the classroom?

Does any over the counter medicine come with the process of mastering the 5E CFG model? 

My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"