Monday, May 6, 2013


My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Hurricane Sandy, which was officially re-classified as a post-tropical storm shortly before landfall, caused heavy damage along the New Jersey shore, and caused the most extensive coastal flooding event in modern-day New York City. Much of the subway system in lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn flooded, along with transit stations in adjacent areas of New Jersey. The storm was responsible for killing at least 131 people, 48 in New York City alone, and it was the second-most expensive hurricane in U.S. history, behind Hurricane Katrina in 2005. []
 This week I share with you the impact of Hurricane Sandy on my family and the communities in Newark; East Orange, Glen Ridge; Livingston, West Caldwell, New Jersey.

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Unknown said...

Ben, can't wait to see it! Very innovative...

Unknown said...

Ben, very innovative. I love it!