Sunday, January 15, 2017

Where I've BEN!: Education

Happy New Year! Habari Gani! Prosperous Años! Peace and Blessings to you. It has BEN a Rigorous 2016! I have ventured from a daily License challenging  Classroom with a hint of student ignorance-attack/set-up-the Teacher environment, to a healing summer of unemployment.
During my Summer of 2016 I recall how I searched all summer(2015) for that job! This time my search was beyond Education and a bit more towards Communication. In order to truly be happy I had to be invoking some of my technology in whatever I did!
Technology assisted me with getting an interview for my next job. The job listing was INDEED online and it required that I submit a Portfolio. What a better way to demonstrate my technological experience than to submit a Digital Portfolio!


This led me to one of the best changes in Education that I've felt and experienced. I became an employee of another public school district and this time had better promises than my last district (small charter school). I became a Replacement Teacher for a Gifted and Talented program. 

That's the beauty of having a varied experience in Education. I spent (7) years as a Substitute earning my stripes in the NPS District.! Once I started my Alternate Route program, the rest was going to be easier...(at least I thought!). My added step to acquire a Masters of Science degree in Education paid off in the long run. I constantly use the various Web 2.0 software to help teach and teach students. My Broadcasting experience helped me to teach S.T.E.M. Just at the peak of my S.T.E.M. Teaching experience my role changed. Good-bye S.T.E.M., ..."Hello Kindergartners!"...
Look for my next post- - - Kindergarten my next adventure!

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