Tuesday, July 7, 2020


My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

This Episode is about how I and my wife, scheduled CoVid-19 Tests and took the test in a Drive Through Center in Clifton, NJ. I learned how to swab my nasal Passages so that my test can detect whether or not I have any traces of the Corona Virus. To prevent any surprises in your life, I would suggest that you get a Free CoVid-19 Test. Go to:
https://www.projectbaseline.com/study/covid-19/. to schedule an appointment in your state. My name is Ben Green, and CoVid-19 Testing is Where I've BEN!

Friday, June 5, 2020


My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Isaiah 1:17 NIV

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.

*(Designed by Sandy Lawrence)

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Do you remember and still participate in Black Solidarity Day(BSD)? I do. Just in case you forgot or never heard of  BSD, please review:

THE HISTORY MEANING - https://mytruesense.blog/2015/11/02/the-history-and-meaning-behind-black-solidarity-day/

And BSD is more 50 years old...it continues to mean a lot to the Black Community!

TURNS-50 - https://www.nypl.org/blog/2019/12/13/black-solidarity-day-turns-50

The first Monday in November has been sacred to me as a young black child growing up in the 60's and 70's. Its awareness became less and less pronounced and announced in many communities and families, but I remembered. Then on various Social Networks I see this - NATIONAL BLACKOUT DAY 2020 aka #BLACKOUTDAY2020!!!

Hold up wait a minute!...Wuh? Wha? Who? How?, did I miss the email? Text? Phone Call?
What caught my eye first was the Media HashTags!!!  It looks good, appears to be a good thing, and then I actually read it, and my INTELLIGENCE really kicked in. Wait- - Why does this sound like, "Black Solidarity Day" with a twist. Don't get me wrong, the concept is not new but in this day of getting Communities to come together for a "GOOD" cause put this #blackoutday2020 on Skid marks and I don't mean the ones in your underwear!
 First it says, "This is a call to action!!" - O.K. , what's the action? DO NOT SPEND A DOLLAR (if you're a Black Person)!!!  So this is when my stupidity kicked in and asked, "So is spending more than $1 acceptable? Ya know, like $3.50? $5.00???. Then you extended the offer outside of the Black People (Calling for Action!!) and included Africans, Native Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics...(ALL people of color.)  So now is it #MeltingPotBlackOutDay2020? or MultiCulturalBlackOutDay2020? Where did you get your data from?  By not spending $1 Dollar,  It's going to cost WHO? $10,684,931,506.80 - To the Penny! REALLY?!!!! The next time a person of color gets shot!...Have you been in 'Da Hood?
How do we cash that in ??? It's interesting you chose July 7th, 2020 and not the July 4th weekend(When most Americans spend their $$$$$$$$$$), and July 7, 2020 falls on a Tuesday. Then you end your "CALL TO ACTION" by encouraging us that this will show, "REAL action that they fear". Who are we trying to put FEAR into by not spending $1 dollar and uniting???

Here's the B.I.G. question...,"WHO is behind this movement?"  Not - ABC, CNN, FOX, FOX5NEWS, nor MSNBC, CBS, NBC, WWOR, WPIX.  The fact that the latter were left out and not one but two of FOX's Media were listed...Hmmmmmmmm. If I was born yesterday, this wouldn't bother me but in this age of TRUMPISMS, RUSSIANISMS, some (not all) peole want to turn America back into - - - into - - Well,  you know where I'm going - and I am not even slipping into that Historical Darkness!
So I put my college education into use and did some research, I mean CoVid Life as an Educator allows my brain to focus on what's REAL and what's FAKE?? The smelled like 3-Day old diapers sitting in the Kitchen garbage pail....yep, SCHTINKY!!

Just like BSD, #BLACKOUTDAY has a history. "Blackout Day launched on March 6, 2015, and after December 21, 2015, is scheduled to be held on the sixth day of every third month, starting with March 6, 2016.[1] " Hmmm, and yet it's just hitting the social nets more in 2020! "The event was conceived in early February 2015 by Tumblr user T’von Green.[2] Green noticed that there was a lack of black representation on social media, specifically on Tumblr." Since then T'von Green (No relation to me!!!) has since become - GHOST! [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackout_Day].
Someone else picked up the Baton! Believe it (or Not!) his name is - Calvin Martyr.... CALVIN MARTYR!!! What? You don't recognize this name either?

Check his bolistics:


#BLACKOUTDAY2020.  – Calvin Martyr


#BLACKOUTDAY2020 Marching Orders


What I like about this young man:

* His passion

* His concepts

* His presence

What gives me the Screw face:

*His Name...Martyr???

*He never says his Name though he has Media with his name on it.

*Is he a one man band? He dogged the "So-Called" Black Leaders...!!!

BTW- when Qurantine time hit the US, THAT stopped and cost the nation. At this time in the World, what business (Multicultural) can truly afford to NOT make any more money coming out of the July 4th weekend???? Why not during Christmas? NYE?

I  will keep a side-eye to this and pray it's a movement and not a RE-movement.

My Name is Ben Green and #BLACKOUTDAY2020, is Where I've BEN!!


My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Please excuse my tardiness in sharing my thoughts; comments; and views since 2018! I have been sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and IG. So please allow me to RANT about two things, first...The Facebook Messenger Charging Hoax!

NOTE TO THE BELIEVERS WHO KEEP SENDING ME "ISSHHH" LIKE THIS - - - (Blink-Blink-Blink) - - (SSMMMAACCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!~Wake-Up!!!) Don't make me fight you, better yet what you're asking me to do is ... DELETE-DELETE-DELETE!!! YOU! PLEASE STOP! Than-Q!
Now, when Saturday comes, and FB Msgr. CHARGES you...(wait, how are they going to charge you if they do not have access to your financial accounts??? AHAHHH!!!. Please post your bill and how you paid for it !!!
It is 2020 (yeah the year not your chances), we have enough problems coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this is a HOAX!!!
 Don't believe ME?  Please continue to believe Facebook and the Techperts!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Where I've BEN!: Education

Happy New Year! Habari Gani! Prosperous Años! Peace and Blessings to you. It has BEN a Rigorous 2016! I have ventured from a daily License challenging  Classroom with a hint of student ignorance-attack/set-up-the Teacher environment, to a healing summer of unemployment.
During my Summer of 2016 I recall how I searched all summer(2015) for that job! This time my search was beyond Education and a bit more towards Communication. In order to truly be happy I had to be invoking some of my technology in whatever I did!
Technology assisted me with getting an interview for my next job. The job listing was INDEED online and it required that I submit a Portfolio. What a better way to demonstrate my technological experience than to submit a Digital Portfolio!


This led me to one of the best changes in Education that I've felt and experienced. I became an employee of another public school district and this time had better promises than my last district (small charter school). I became a Replacement Teacher for a Gifted and Talented program. 

That's the beauty of having a varied experience in Education. I spent (7) years as a Substitute earning my stripes in the NPS District.! Once I started my Alternate Route program, the rest was going to be easier...(at least I thought!). My added step to acquire a Masters of Science degree in Education paid off in the long run. I constantly use the various Web 2.0 software to help teach and teach students. My Broadcasting experience helped me to teach S.T.E.M. Just at the peak of my S.T.E.M. Teaching experience my role changed. Good-bye S.T.E.M., ..."Hello Kindergartners!"...
Look for my next post- - - Kindergarten my next adventure!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Holiday Blessings!

Peace and Blessings and Happy Holidays!
I bring you greetings from Los Angeles, California. It's been a vibrant month and CHANGE along with CHALLENGES has been rmy forte. To put it mildly, " Yo, I've BEN busy!"

Where have I BEN?...in Education, I have taught First grade to Eighth grade Gifted and talented within. a S.T.E.M. Lab. It was great because I got the opportunity to  introduce Podcasting to students and they did not disappoint.

As of December 1st, 2016 I have officially transitioned to Kindergarten Teacher and yes, it's BEN a great experience.

With the Holidays among us my family and I are fortunate to get a away for Christmas. Our choice...Los Angeles. We're visiting Wessica!
It's here that my adventures continue...

My Name Is Ben Green, and this is Where I've BEN!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Yes the Sun has risen and the morning has brought it's glow, but nothing has stopped over thousands of Educators from descending on to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Teachers, Administrators, Businesses, and educational software companies are about to experience the 2016 NJEA Teacher's Convention.

My journey began aboard the Vamderhoof Bus which departed from the Redwood School in West Orange, NJ. Departure time was scheduled for 8:00am but we gladly got on the road minutes later.

Thanks to the ECEA union and NJEA for presenting a Bus and the Convention in Atlantic City, NJ.

My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 Getting out 2 Vote.

My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Well, it's  that time of the year again. Vote for your right to be Free.
At the time of this posting I am on line waiting to vote. Time check, arrival 9:00am and I am the 19th person in line to vote in my district. Parents are here with children, Grands are here with there grands.  I truly love the view of a melting pot of concerned citizens who are here to do the same thing...share their voice. It's going to be a looonnnggg day into night. God  Bless America.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Peace & Blessings! OMGenius! It's BEN way too long since I've updated you about,"Where I've BEN!"! I've have more info. coming and I apologize for the delay! it's September first and I am celebrating my Birthday!!!!