Aug. 5, 2022

WHERE I'VE BEN!: Updating my life Jan-July 2021

                      My Name is Ben Green,...and this is "Where I've BEN!"

Peace & Blessings! I have been very busy living my life as an adult. These past 7 months have been an adventure. My wife and I sold our home and had to pack up over 20 years of stuff. I sold my DJ Equipment during the Winter daze and even sold our basement freezer during a Snow Storm. As our house sold in May, we were also Blessed with a Grandchild!!! Thanks to the purchasers who saw value in our Refurbished and slightly used items. We also managed to find a new humble abode nearest our Grand Baby.



So Summer hits and plans were already set to have an immediate Family Reunion with the newest member. July was packed with a Road trip to Virginia Beach. We chilled at a family friends place known as, "The FrogMan". Here's a Hint...the house is owned by a former US Frogman (African American) who invested well. History will continue there with more family to come!





I look forward to sharing more of, "Where I've BEN!" with my vignettes and full length Videos!!!! Stay on point and and let's continue to be safe!!!

" My name is Ben Green...and updating my life, is Where I've BEN!"