Aug. 18, 2019

WHERE I'VE BEN!: Premiere Episode

Welcome to the primary Episode of,"Where I've BEN!" ~ FAMILY! It's here where I share my personal history about my family and being the youngest of four. Listen as share about growing up in a single parent household after the loss of a guardian. With the guidance of my guardian, I became an upstanding citizen and the strong young man I was raised to be.

Welcome to Where I've BEN! The Premiere Episode. During this episode, you will get know "Where I've BEN!" and the unsung heroes in my life. Before I get out and interview the Community you need to know, why not get to know who I am and what make me go! Enjoy this first episode and I look forward to introducing you to the "Need to Know" UnSung Heroes that have entered my life. Once you meet them, you will truly know

Where I've BEN!

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